Face First Solutions - Consulting

Don't be scared by the idea of "guerilla" marketing - it's probably the most effective marketing effort you could do for your business. We'll pass out freebies and samples from your business to people on Main Street...we'll walk in and out of banks and factories and offer coupons and freebies for your business...we'll place fliers of your business or event under the windshield wipers of local cars. We get in their face, and we point them in your direction.

While "consulting" is a broad term, that's what you can expect from Face First Solutions. We'll sit with you, one-on-one, to help you better understand the world of social media for business...we'll brainstorm for you and with you to come up with marketing initiatives like the world has never seen, both inside and outside of the digital realm...we'll train your staff on the ins and outs of social media...essentially, if you have a situation, we'll have a solution.

Face First Solutions - Guerilla Marketing

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