Video Production

Face First Solutions delivers high-quality, professional, and creative videos that will help to spread your message faster and with more impact than any other medium.

Services include:

• Concept Creation • Scriptwriting • Production Planning (Pre-production)

• Videography (Shoot) • Library Music Tracks • Editing

• Final Editing, Mixing, and Mastering

Please find below a selection of videos produced by Face First Solutions and be sure to visit our YouTube channel here:

Everyone loves a good story: With your business' best interest in mind, you'll find the story of your business  or event will be one that's engaging, beautiful, fun, smart, and resourceful. Just like the perfect date. :-)

We all LOVE video: It’s a very basic human trait that we like movement, as our eye is drawn towards something that moves. Combine that with a voice and/or text overlay that helps convert information into meaningful content and you have the most effective means of getting your message across.

Better than your competition: In a marketplace where most businesses don’t have the time to market well, marketing by video will set you apart from your competitors by operating in a wide-open playing field. 

Be memorable: Your customers are THREE TIMES more likely to remember you after watching a video of your product or services. Don't you want to be remembered?

Boost confidence: Watching a video about your products or services will give your customers confidence they’re dealing with a business that takes itself seriously.

Share more: Creating a video for your business gives you the chance to share your company with the world in a short, engaging fashion that simple text or photos cannot.

Invest in your business: Videos are not only an expense, but an investment - as long as none of the material is dated, you can reuse your video again and again for marketing purposes, the same of which CANNOT be said for radio, newspaper,  or any other traditional form of marketing.

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